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A Men's Modern Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Salon


At Orlando Hair Solutions, we believe that our guests are more than just a number and should be treated with the individualized attention they deserve.  We want all our guests to feel welcome in our Salon and to feel as though they are our priority.  To make that happen, we limit the number of guests we take on to make sure that we have the availability to accommodate them along with our existing guests.  Due to the number of requests, we are receiving it is taking us between 5-8 weeks to get back to consultation requests.  We apologize for the delay but in order to offer the level of service we pride ourselves on it does take us time to onboard new guests.  We can’t wait to meet you and to make you part of our salon!



It's not just business, it's personal.

Jason's struggle with hair loss and frustration with the solutions available were the catalysts to the opening of OHS.

Jason struggled with hair loss since he was 19 years old, finding different ways to cover or hide his thinning hair over the years.  It wasn't until about 2014 that he was introduced to non-surgical hair replacement systems.  After researching and finding himself disappointed with the different options available, Jason and Richard decided to use their considerable experience in the hair industry to find a solution for themselves.  With that, Orlando Hair Solutions was created!  Born from frustration with the high-pressure sales tactics, misinformation, soaring costs, and over uncaring nature of other hair system salons, Jason and Richard decided that they would be different.  Our mission is to provide hair systems to men of all ages and to make it an affordable and comfortable process for all our guests.  We maintain a simple straightforward pricing structure that is never hidden and focus on educating our guests, not selling them.  It's these things that truly show at Orlando Hair Solutions, it's not just business.  It's personal.


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At OHS, we understand that hair loss is an intensely personal and private affair, so we have designed a space with that in mind.  Orland Hair Solutions’ new location is a cozy, comfortable way to experience your services with us.  Our 1940’s bungalow has the charm and appeal that makes you feel at home, yet is state of the art in its offerings.  Every room has a TV with every streaming platform available for viewing during your service and the fastest free WiFi available.  Our location is conveniently located in a central location while providing privacy away from shopping centers and office buildings.  We believe that you appointment should be a time to relax so we created an environment that feels more like a friend's living room, rather than an office.  



At OHS, we are committed to quality systems and personalized service.  We have spent years building relationships with our manufacturers to provide our guests with consistent, high quality, and highly customized hair systems.  With that said, a hair system is only as good as the cut and color, which is why we specialize in creating the perfect custom look for each guest.  We have created and finely tuned a cutting system designed just for hair systems to give you the most realistic results possible.

Our commitment to quality extends to our maintenance services as well, which are designed with your hair systems health in mind.  We never use harsh chemicals in the cleaning process and only use high end products to condition and refresh the color of your system.  We know the investment you make in your hair, and we strive to make your systems last as long as possible.  We believe quality work takes time and at Orlando Hair Solutions your appointments will never be rushed.



At Orlando Hair Solutions, we have built a team of professionals who each have specialized and mastered different facets of the non-surgical hair replacement process.  These combined skillsets have allowed the OHS team to create an experience that is unique among our peers.  At OHS, our team maintains their skills through regular trainings, which maintain the quality and consistency of service, and allow you to have the same high quality experience no matter who you see, every time!



Along with Jason, Richard is one of the founders of Orlando Hair Solutions.  His background in Fine Art, along with his experience as a professional make up artist, has given Richard a keen eye and steady hand that allows him to excel in his craft. His extensive study of facial musculature has made him an expert in creating natural, realistic hair lines for our systems.  



With a small town personality and big city experience, Brad brings eleven years of experience in the hair industry to OHS.  After attending the Aveda Institute, Brad worked as a successful stylist in one of Orlando's top Aveda salons with a specialty in men's hair before moving into hair systems, wigs and prosthetics for entertainment.  




With nineteen years of experience, Jason has spent his career fine tuning his craft and educating others.  Jason's passion is cutting, and he has gone through master cutting programs with Aveda, Toni and Guy. Paul Mitchell and Vidal Sassoon.  From this experience, Jason has created a specially designed cutting system for hair systems that is unique to OHS.






For over 10 years I have been extremely self conscious about my thinning hair. I would grab a hat just to go to the mailbox.  Since getting my hair system, I have left my hats at home and felt comfortable to be around people again.  Truly life changing!



Being an entertainer in Key West, having creative hair styles is important to me.  Now I have so many options with my hair that I had lost.  Even better, I can continue my active lifestyle on the water with the confidence that my new hair replacement is secure and can handle whatever the keys can throw at it!

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After having a system a few years ago that I never felt comfortable with and giving up on them I am glad a gave it a second chance.  I love my systems now, I never knew it was possible to look so natural.  It looks just like my hair use to! Richard and Jason did an amazing job.



Jason and Richard have changed my confidence level.  I feel more secure with myself and it makes me look so much younger again.


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2003 Curry Ford Rd.

Orlando, FL. 32806

Between Cloverlawn Ave & Warwick Pl

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