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What Is A hair system?

A hair system is a non-surgical hair replacement prosthesis where real human hair is either looped or knotted into a variety of base materials (lace, poly bioskin, monofilament or silk) and, when properly applied, looks like your natural growing hair.

How does it work?

Hair systems are shaped to your area of hair loss and applied to a clean and prepared scalp with a medical grade adhesive.  These adhesive are water and heat proof so they keep the hair system tight to the scalp to give the appearance that hair is growing directly from your scalp.

how long does a hair system last?

The longevity of hair systems vary based on a number of factors including the material of the base and your lifestyle and habits.  A hair system can last 2 - 6 months but typically we advice a life span of 3 - 4 months to keep your hair looking natural and healthy.

How often do you need to do maintance?

A maintenance service involves removing and cleaning the hair system, cleaning and prepping the scalp, cutting your existing hair and reapplying the system.  The time in between visits varies depending on your scalp and activity levels, but typically it is every 2 - 4 weeks.  Some companies claim longer times and although the adhesives can hold longer, we don't recommend wearing a system past 4 weeks between appointments for hygiene and system longevity.

What about water and sweat?

Our hair system adhesives are medical grade and able to withstand almost any lifestyle.  These adhesives have advanced tremendously over the years, with new technology becoming available every few years.  We offer several types of bonds that can withstand showers, pools, salt water and sweat.  You can still live an active lifestyle without fear.

Will My Partner know?

This is actually one of the most common questions we get.  Rest assured that when a system is properly installed and maintained they can undetectable to touch.

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