When Jason first started looking into hair systems for himself, he was frustrated at how difficult it was to get pricing for these services.  At OHS we don't believe in confusing and secretive pricing structures and believe that you deserve to know what the costs are from the beginning, which is why we have a simple, flat-rate pricing structure that will always be available and easy to find.  There are no hidden costs and being a member of OHS is always free.  


OHS Consultations

OHS Virtual Consultation

After you have completed our informational consultation webinar the next step in your journey with OHS is a 15-minute zoom meeting.  During this meeting, we will discuss topics more specific to your situation, such as material and color choices, and answer all your questions regarding our systems and services.  If you are still interested in our services, we will set you up for a time to come into the salon during the virtual consultation. 


OHS In-Person Consultation

The next step in our process.  Here, we meet face to face in the comfort and privacy of our salon to go more in-depth about our systems and services.  During this meeting, we will answer any remaining questions and discuss the options that are best for you.  Depending on your needs and this could also include measuring the head and color matching to pick out the perfect solution and get you set up for your initial service if you are ready to move forward.


*Although we always offer free consultations, we do require a form of payment to reserve your spot.  You will never be charged unless you fail to show up for your appointment without notifying us at least 24 hours before you scheduled time.  In the case that you do miss your appointment without notifying us we reserve the right to charge a $50 no show fee.

System Install Services

Initial System Install Service

All of our install services include both the system as well as attaching it, cutting it to style and styling the hair.


This is where the magic begins!  Getting your first system with OHS is a truly customized experience, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy your service in a private, comfortable setting.  Sip a cocktail and watch a movie or your favorite television show while we custom tailor your hair system to you!  During this service, we will go over all the details you need to know in order to make your first hair system with us an enjoyable and stress-free experience.


Re-Order System Install Service

These services offer all the same amenities of the initial system service, but now that we have gone through the initial order process, things become much easier! 

Pre-Made System $599

Custom System $699

*We try to keep our pricing simple by offering flat rate pricing for systems and service. Our pricing includes all options that are available.  The only time the flat rate price will change are for custom systems that are over-sized, have hair 8" or longer or if a rush manufacturing time is desired.  

Unfortunately we DO NOT offer install services for systems that come from outside of Orlando Hair Solutions.  We will only provide maintenance services for those systems but will not cut or alter them.  We know that this can be disappointing but we are only able to guarantee our standards of quality by using our own product.

System Maintenance Services 

OHS Private Maintenance Appointment

These appointments offer a fully private experience where you can have your system maintained while watching your favorite movie or television series and having a drink from our complimentary beverage station in one of our private suites.  This service includes the removal and cleaning of your system, the cleaning and prepping of your scalp, cutting/fading your natural hair to blend, the toning and conditioning of your system’s hair, and, of course, the reattachment of your system using the highest quality adhesives. 


Additional Services

DIY Maintenance Lesson

This appointment is for our guest that wish to do their maintenance appointments at home and come into the salon when they need new systems installed.  Although not the easiest thing, it is possible to maintain your system at home and we are happy to show you how.  This visit includes a full tutorial on how to remove, clean, and reattach your hair system.  You can even bring a loved one if they will be assisting you so that we can show them how to help.  

*Only available to guests who currently wear one of OHS' systems.